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"...the lead track off the upcoming remix release maintains its ethereal quality in the most respectable of ways. Noticeable off the bat is the lack of keys on the track in the beginning, something that set a light, staccato tone to the original track. The Julsy remix has more of a jungle feel to it, with added percussion elements. This remix feels more tranquil than the original.. ~ Impose Magazine

“Standing out from the pack Memoryloop has a completely de-constructive take on “LVSK,” diving the listener into a cosmic echo chamber, searching for intelligent life across the universe using a futuristic subterranean radar, producing a surreal, interstellar experience.~ DJ FREQUENCIES

" i AM THE WORLD – eleven re-imaginings of LVSK from around the globe. We’ve got the premiere of the glistening tropical electronica remix of the track by SUPERFLU below, along with the Bandcamp of the whole record including an 80s retro vibe from Temptress (aka CANS), sweet sounds from Luca Mar, and heavy drops from CLRFL." ~ The Blue Walrus


i AM THE WORLD contains ten remixes of Nomadic Firs brand new single “LVSK”. This is the third remix album of Nomadic Firs original material, curated by Ryan Boos. This collection of music turns the original on its head, with more sounds, more effects, and the special “deconstruction” by Memoryloop, which is unlike anything else on the album.

On top of that special piece we’re all covered up with underground Queen Julsy’s folkish rework, and to compliment it, SUPERFLU follows behind with enough chill chill juice to knock out an elephant. The whole body of work is a real treat to be sure.

The album has plenty of highlights from Europe to Chicago, to NYC, from brand new side projects, see Temptress (aka CANS) who puts the 80s retro into play, and don't miss the yet to be released artist name RLXd, whose surely sleeping in a tent somewhere out west as you read this. Between the kinda spooky, hip-hop sound, courtesy of multi-instrumentalist Caveman The Wise, to the flows, and dirty grit beat supremes remix by Words Hurt. There's so much on this album, with the emerging sweet sounds from Luca Mar, and the dope “cassette culture” work from The Tone Of The Number 5 (what up ThemThere Records). i AM THE WORLD has more than enough to get you BEET RED (Rory is a gold mine of music). And lets not forget the heavy “drops” from CLRFL, who ends the whole show with a club-esque, friendly banger. .

There’s ample new about these renditions. Each version unleashes new feels, and a new pulse to the original song. LVSK leans heavy on the voice, and while some of these new takes do as well, the music, and moods have changed, with each remixer bringing their obvious backgrounds into the vat of colored variations.

This is another great example of people from around the world, coming together to give away a wonderful batch of great sounds. All communicated in the online halls of underground music.


released October 14, 2016

Contact the Artist from the album.

Julsy - soundcloud.com/julsy

SUPERFLU - soundcloud.com/superfluofficial

Memoryloop - soundcloud.com/memoryloop

CLRFL - soundcloud.com/clrflmusic

Temptress - soundcloud.com/cans-1

Caveman The Wise - soundcloud.com/cavemanthewise

Luca Mar - soundcloud.com/luca_mar

The Tone Of The Number 5 - soundcloud.com/itsnumber5time

Beet Red - soundcloud.com/beet-red

Words Hurt - wordshurt.bandcamp.com




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